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Smart and Functional Pavement


Road pavements are designed to withstand road traffic and weathering actions while ensuring comfortable and safe riding conditions as well as low costs and damage to the environment. When a road pavement has additional abilities or reacts to an external stimulus, it is considered to be smart and multifunctional. Examples of such abilities that have been investigated in asphalt mixtures are self-sensing, deicing/anti-icing, and self-healing abilities. Typically, these abilities are achieved by directly adding functional fillers, such as metal fiber, carbon fiber, carbon black, carbon nanotubes, and graphene, into asphalt binder and then binding it with aggregates and filler.  The application of conductive asphalt mixtures can improve the safety and lifespan of the pavement, as well as reduce maintenance costs during the service. In this context, they can contribute to materializing the transition to a novel model known as “Smart, Multifunctional, and Sustainable pavement” that is environmentally friendly, sustainable, and inclusive. This model is a very important path toward economic and employment recovery, a vision to which many countries are strongly committed.