ZL Research Group

Welcome to Dr. Zhen Leng's Research Group

  • Mr. Zijun Xu2023-12-15Mr. Zijun Xu joined Prof. Leng's group in September 2023. He obatined his master's degree from Harbin Institude of technology in June 2023 and bachelor's degree from Southwest Jiaotong University in June 2021. His future research topic focuses on smart sensing material based on green material.
  • Mr. Guowei Hu2023-08-17Mr. Guowei HU joined Prof Leng's group as a Research Assistant in July 2023.He is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Material Processing Engineering at Wuhan Institute of Technology. His background is polymer physic and chemistry. His research work focuses on the waste plastic recycling and high-performance polymer modified asphalt.